7 simple ways to save money

You’ve worked hard for your cash, so don’t throw it away without a fight! From getting a better deal on your phone to shopping more smartly, here are some top tips on how to be a wallet warrior!

1. Do your research. Use online price comparison sites to make sure that you’re getting the best rate possible.

2. Negotiate. Remember - if you don’t ask for a better deal, you won’t get one!

3. Think outside the box. The best deals aren’t always advertised so do a bit of detective work and make sure to look at all the options available to you.

4. Subscriptions are a big cash leak. If you’re not using or appreciating your subscription, cancel it!

5. Small habits add up. Start thinking about your small daily purchases as occasional treats instead of routines and see how much you save!

6. Resist temptation. Ask yourself these three questions before parting with your money:

  • How often am I actually going to use this?

  • How many days did I work just to pay for this one thing?

  • Do I really need any more stuff?

Use price comparison sites to make sure you get the best deal.

Top tip

Put the money you save into a savings account. Banks will pay you interest and your hard-earned cash will continue to grow.

Now you’re a real wallet warrior!

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