Life as a StreetDoctor intern: Khadija's story





In my job

An internship is an opportunity to see what it is like to work within an organisation. For me, it means a lot more responsibility and a chance to work in a team. I am also a medical student and enjoy learning from providing services to the community. I teach first aid to young people. I teach them they could make a difference, that one day they could save someone’s life before an ambulance comes.

I talk to young people about blood and I teach them what to do when someone is bleeding.

At school

I took Triple Science because I knew I wanted to go into a science field, and I took Geography because I was interested in global health. I also volunteered to create a food bank for the homeless in Year 11 at school and took part in activities with the National Citizen Service (NCS). These experiences helped my leadership and team working skills, and really built my confidence. At 16 I volunteered at refugee camps in Greece. That was when I knew I wanted to study medicine, to help people.

At medical school

My knowledge of the human body plays a role in my work as a medical student and community activist because I can tell people that wounds and blood loss can affect everything from your heart and organs, muscle system, nutrition and digestive systems.

Top tips

If you are considering a career in medicine, I would do a lot of extra-curricular things. Anything. It doesn’t have to be based on medicine. It could be giving back to your community. It allows you to step up and get more opportunities.

Khadija's career path

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