EYFS number songs

Looking to practise recognising numbers and counting with your little one? Here are four songs from the Bud's Number Garden game, which your child can listen to. They are designed for children in their first year of school, or those looking for an idea of what they’ll be learning when they start school. After listening, why not put your number skills into practice by playing the game itself?

1. Sequencing

Bud the Bee is on hand to explain how to sequence numbers all the way up to 20.

2. Counting

Why not visit the creepy crawly leaf pile to practise counting?

3. One more, one less

Visit the splishy-splashy pond to practise counting out amounts, when one more or one less is added.

4. Counting from a larger group

In this final challenge, can you count out from a larger amount to feed the birds?

Play Bud's Number Garden game
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