Understanding your role in a team

Everyone in a team has a role and a purpose. Team roles help get the job done. Here are some top tips to help you understand your role and how you can add value by going above and beyond.

Top tips to take away

  • Know what your team role is! Identify the tasks and responsibilities you have to complete - be prepared for them to change from day to day
  • Prioritise your own role and get your jobs done first - but, where you can, go above and beyond to help others
  • Give feedback, advice or help if it’s of value - be aware of how it may be received
  • Take time out to think about how great you are! What skills and strengths can you offer up? Share knowledge and experience with others when you think it will help
  • Consider how great your team is and what strengths and skills they can bring to the table
  • Helping others is a good way to meet people and gain exposure to other roles and ways of working.
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