How listening can help you win at work

Listening is a powerful skill that is sometimes overlooked. It’s not just about taking in important information that helps you do your job. Done well, listening can actually help you show empathy, forge relationships and can even fast-track your career.

Top tips to take away

  • Show you’re really listening. Make sure there are no distractions when someone has something to say, keep eye contact and put that phone away
  • Listen carefully, especially when more experienced people are explaining something to you - you don’t want to miss anything important
  • Your relationship with your colleagues will be stronger and more positive the more you take time to listen
  • Ask yourself if you’ve fully understood someone’s needs and whether you can help
  • Hold back from going into a meeting thinking you already know everything. Even if you’ve done all your research, be open to other people’s contributions
  • Listen to understand and empathise - not just to respond!
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