Apprenticeships and work

If the word ‘apprentice’ conjures images of scary businessmen shouting: “You’re fired!”, fear not: that’s not normally what apprenticeships involve!

We’ve asked our coaches to tell us about when they started work, why they chose an apprenticeship and how it changed their life.

In this short film, our coaches explain what doing an apprenticeship or starting work was like for them.

If you want to do an apprenticeship, remember:

  • There are many different types and levels of apprenticeships, so do your research
  • Different levels of apprenticeships will have different entry requirements, so make sure you have the grades or qualifications you need
  • When you do an apprenticeship you are normally required to work as well as study towards a qualification, so it can be quite full-on
  • You can do an apprenticeship in lots of different fields, from media to business, from construction to social care
  • If you want to hear more, watch our experts talk about apprenticeships.
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