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Learn about the different habitats all around the world.

This lesson includes:

  • eight videos
  • three activities to enhance and further learning


What is a habitat?

A habitat is where animals and plants live.

Let's explore the different habitats further by watching the clips below.

Find out more about polar habitats by watching this clip.

Explore woodland habitats with this clip.

Urban habitats can be found in many cities and towns, let's discover more by watching this clip.

Pond habitats are home to different species. Find out more with this clip.

Can things live in the desert?

Find out more by watching this short clip about desert habitats.

Learn about a rainforest habitat with this clip.

Lots of different plants and animals live in an ocean habitat, let's find out more by watching this clip.

Watch this clip to learn about coastal habitats.

The plants and animals in each habitat need each other to survive.

Most animals and plants live in habitats which they are suited for.

Each habitats provides for the basic needs of different animals and plants which live there.

For example: a fish lives in a pond or ocean habitat and wouldn't survive in a rainforest!


There are lots of fun ways to try out your science skills:

Activity 1

Make your own habitat

Get creative: draw or make your favourite habitat. Can you include some animals or plants which may live there?

Activity 2


Using the information from the videos, create a factfile for a habitat from Twinkl

Habitat factfile

Activity 3


Have a go at more activities and quizzes for each habitat.

There's more to learn

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