4 school subjects that could help you become an entrepreneur

Want to become an entrepreneur but have to finish school first? That's a bit of a drag… right? Wrong!

What you’re learning right now could be the key to your success in the business world.

Check out these four subjects that can help set you on the right track to becoming an entrepreneur:

Business Studies

Whatever your enterprising idea is, a useful place to start is by paying attention in Business Studies class. There is lots of useful information about different forms of business ownership as well as tips for setting out your aims and objectives. Why not begin with this dedicated section on enterprise?

English Language

Communication is key to successful entrepreneurship. From writing proposals, to pitching in front of a panel, English Language skills set you up with loads of information on both planning and organising your ideas.

Remember to make sure what you write has accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar. What about talking face to face? The spoken language skills you develop in English Language class will serve you well and ensure you are word perfect!


Good numeracy skills are essential for many careers, and especially business success. If you feel you have lost some of your numerical edge, why not refresh your Maths skills to bring you up to speed. You will be confident in adding and subtracting in no time.

And don’t forget about financial Maths. Just the thing for keeping your business going in the right direction!

Design and Technology

Whatever product you decide to sell, it’s important to put in the legwork to ensure it's unique and functional. Pay attention in Design and Technology class to stay ahead of the game. Investigating and evaluating user feedback will help ensure that your product is well-designed and highly desired.

And there you have it - what you learn at school really can help to fulfil your dream of becoming an entrepreneur!

Business Studies
Design and Technology
Modern Foreign Languages