How to be a good friend

Home learning focus

Learn about the importance of friendships.

This lesson includes:

  • a video to get your child active

  • two video clips about friendship between children

  • two practice activities


Naomi Wilkinson has a song and dance routine which looks at the importance of self-belief.

This routine can be performed at home and encourages children to get up and moving while they learn.

Start the lesson by getting active with Naomi Wilkinson

Best friends

Bill and Owen are two young boys who have been the best of friends since birth.

They explain how they share things, help each other with school work, and make decisions as a pair.

Even though they have their differences, they always make up in the end.

Watch this short film to find out how they feel about their friendship.

Bill and Owen are best friends

Making up

In this video two young girls talk about their friendship.

They explain the different games they play, and although they occasionally have disagreements, they realise how important it is to make up again and remain the best of friends.

Who are your friends?


There are lots of fun ways to think about friendships and what they mean to a child.

Here are a couple you could try.

Activity 1

Thinking about who a child's friends are

Who do you play with or talk to regularly in school?

Draw pictures of them and write their names.

Think about what Bill and Owen said about things they share.

Write down the things you share with your friends and the games you like playing together.

Activity 2

How can I be a good friend?

Try this downloadable resource from Twinkl that gets children thinking about their friendships and the structure of their day.

How can I be a good friend?

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