I enjoyed my work but retrained to improve my earning potential

“I started to feel there was a ceiling to my progression and earning potential – that was when I decided to get a degree.”

Marco began her career working with children who had hearing impairments. She loved spending time with families but felt there was a limit to her progress and earnings. She found a local course that offered a bursary and retrained to become a social worker.

Marco became passionate about helping children with hearing impairments after her son was diagnosed with profound hearing loss. However, she reached a point where she felt she couldn’t progress any further in her role.

As Marco enjoyed working with families, she thought social work might be the way to go. She looked into funding and discovered a bursary was available for a degree in social work due to a national shortage of social workers.

She decided on a small local college that was close to home, so she could combine study with looking after her son. Smaller class sizes allowed her to have more one-to-one time with tutors who knew her situation, and were able to support her back into education.

Marco now works as a social worker in front-line child protection. She’s earning a good wage and is proud of everything she’s achieved. She loves her job and feels positive that there are more opportunities to progress.

“The tutors knew me and knew my situation and were able to support me to get back into education.”
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