Acts of kindness during lockdown

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and we can probably all agree that it’s come at one of the most strange and difficult times any of us can remember.

Now more than ever, being kind to our friends, family, community, and ourselves is incredibly important. Need inspiration on how to do it? Look no further.

WATCH: Young people from around the UK with inspiration on how to be kind

Be charitable

This doesn’t have to mean parting with your hard earned pocket money. Rohita (16) donated tins of food to her local food bank, and Ben (14) created a website that helps people in his area get food and prescription delivered by local volunteers.

Be creative

You can combine your kind spirit with your creativity. For example, Saffron (16) made attachments for facemasks that make them more comfortable to wear, that she’s giving to NHS workers. Cerys (16) has cerebral palsy, is a full-time wheelchair user and absolutely loves making art, so she’s made a card for an elderly person in a care home, who’s feeling a bit lonely.

If baking’s your thing, this might give you some inspiration. Izzy’s (13) aunt is a critical care nurse, and her ward was delivered a HUGE rainbow cake for her key worker family members to keep their spirits high.

Be family orientated

Not being able to see all of our family is tough, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop doing lovely things for them. Biz (15) picks up bits for her aunt and granny when she does the food shop with her parents. Tom’s (15) mum is shielding an isolating in a separate house to him because she has an underlying health condition, so he’s been reading to her from a safe distance.

For the family members you live with, there’s plenty you can do for them to show them how much you appreciate everything they do for you. Polly (15) has been making smoothies for her mum’s pre-work breakfast every morning, and helping with the cleaning to take the pressure off her mum and stepdad when they’re out at work. Small things can really go a long way, like Alyssa (15) who’s making regular cups of tea for the fam.

Don’t forget your pets too! Jess (15) has been pampering her pet duck, and you can do the same for your fluffy (or scaly) friends.

Be kind to yourself

Possibly the most important act of kindness you can do. Treat yourself - you deserve it!

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