What to do if your head gets turned

When you’re coupled up it’s easy to feel like you and your bae have lost the spontaneous spark you had from day dot.

Time together can bring repetition and a sense of monotony - as well as feelings of intimacy, security and true love - as you get to know each other on a deeper level.

Relationships evolve and it takes maturity and emotional intelligence to fan that spark into flames, keeping you both fired up about each other for years to come.

But what if you meet someone and start to wonder if the grass is greener on the other side?

Well, before your head turns – hit pause! Take a moment to consider all the possible consequences.

Here's our dating expert Anna Williamson with her advice and ex Love-Islanders who discuss the lessons they’ve learnt…sometimes the hard way:

The photo that launched a thousand memes

So, if you feel your head may be turned, don't deny those feelings, and don't be horrified with yourself, either: you're in a relationship, not dead! It's normal to notice someone who floats your boat - but you don't have to do anything about it. On the other hand, it could be a genuine sign that your current relationship isn’t quite right. However, out of respect for your partner, you should address your relationship issues separately with them before acting on an impulse to approach someone new.

Being honest is always the best route. You do risk being left with nothing if you leave your girlfriend or boyfriend for a new person who’s not interested, but at least you will have your honour intact (cough Jordan cough).

Like Tom from Love Island warns – don’t take the coward's way out

The grass is greenest where you water it.

Where to find help

If you have concerns about your relationship, visit Relate for more information about relationships, and to message a counsellor for support.

It is always good to speak to someone you trust about the issues you might be facing, no matter how big or small. Although it can be hard talking about relationships, everyone finds them challenging at times, and if you are experiencing difficulties, don’t feel ashamed or different, and don’t feel you have to hide away from it.

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