Back to school 2020: How Bitesize will be supporting children, parents and teachers

We delivered our last Bitesize Daily Lesson on Friday 24 July, but never fear - our 2000 lessons will remain online over summer.

We’re taking a break but, as the next school year may be far from normal, we’ll be returning in September to support teachers, parents and children.

Here's what we'll be doing.

In the Autumn Term, BBC Bitesize will be providing a new service to mark the return to school of millions of children.

The service has been designed to cater for a school experience which may be very different this time, with staggered school days, year groups in ‘bubbles’ and the possibility of COVID outbreaks resulting in localised school closures.

To reflect this, we will focus on delivering four key things:

  • A ‘catch-up’ service to help children with some of the key primary Maths and English concepts they may have missed in the summer term. Modelled on our hugely-successful Bitesize Daily Lessons, it will be designed to be used independently by children, or by their parents or teachers to help them learn

  • A wide-ranging suite of easy-to-find, engaging, learning resources, for children aged 5 to 15, which complement the special Autumn curricula being developed across the UK. These resources will be clearly mapped to those curricula, so they can be used inside or outside school

  • A service for GCSE and Nationals/Highers students, with comprehensive learning guides arranged by exam board and subject topic

  • Regular curriculum-related Live Lessons, featuring well-known BBC faces and programmes, which will bring schools and year-groups together for some fun and interactive shared learning.

We will also continue to work with the fantastic partners that helped us deliver Bitesize’s Online Daily Lessons, right across these four services.

We’re working hard to create this new service and we’ll get it online as soon as we can. Watch this space, and have a lovely summer!

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