The body language of love

We all know that if someone turns their back on us, they’re probably not interested – and if they shower us with kisses, they are. But in the tricky world of dating, body language can be much more complicated. From a twinkle in the eye to a flick of the hair, it can be easy to feel bamboozled about the signals your date is putting out.

Luckily, we’ve spoken to Geoff Beattie, body language expert and resident on-screen psychologist for Big Brother, to help us decode what’s a green light and what’s a stop sign when it comes to love.

Body language is 12.5 times more powerful than verbal language – so pay attention!

There’s a lot to take in, so let’s make it simple!

If your date is feeling it, you might notice these three tell-tale signs:

  • Interactional synchrony

This is a fancy way of saying that you and your date are ‘in sync’. If you unconsciously perform the same actions at the same time – you scratch your ear, they scratch their ear, you stretch, they stretch (you get the picture!) – it's a sure sign that you’re vibing.

  • Meaningful eye contact

We don’t mean just staring blankly at each other. If your date is gazing deeply into your baby blues because they actually care about what you’re saying, you're on to a winner! You’re looking for the kind of eye-contact that makes your heart skip a beat and your brain turn to mush!

  • Open gestures

Using hand gestures and keeping your body language open (no crossed arms!) makes you seem friendly, honest and approachable – all super desirable qualities in a potential other half. If your date is animated and open, it's a good sign!

Remember: “Body language is 12.5 times more powerful than verbal language!” So, if you want your date to be dreamy and for sparks to fly, make sure to follow our advice – you’re welcome!

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