Counting on and back in 5s within 50

Home learning focus

Learn how to count in 5s, from 0 up to 50, and the pattern you can see when counting in 5s.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos
  • two activities

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Counting in 5s

Learn how to use counting skills to find the answer to a real-life question by watching the video below.

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Other ways to count in 5s

Watch the video below which shows there is more than one way to count in 5s.

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Activity 1

Counting in 5s

Practise counting in 5s, making it as practical as possible.

Here are some suggestions for how you can do this, using whatever you have available in the house.

  • Sort objects into fives and then practice counting them one group of five at a time. You could use marbles, plastic blocks or dried pasta.

  • Draw groups of five objects and count them aloud.

  • Create fingerprints or handprints in groups of five and count aloud, one group of five at a time.

  • Wave five fingers as you count aloud.

Activity 2


Complete this worksheet about about counting on and back in 5s.

Counting on and back in 5s

Worksheet answers

  1. There are 35 tennis balls in 7 tubes

  2. There are 40 tennis balls in 8 tubes

  3. There are 45 tennis balls in 9 tubes. There are 50 tennis balls in 10 tubes.

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