8 things I wish I’d known before starting secondary school

This film was recorded before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Logan, Jessie, Zoe and Ryan all know what it’s like to start secondary school. Here, they share eight things they wish they had known at the start, which might help you settle in. From making sure you’re not carrying too much stuff in your bag to tips to help you know where you need to be at all times.


  1. Make sure you get a good night's sleep because if you don't get a good night's sleep, you'll end up looking like death and feeling like death in the morning.

  2. Not all schools allow mobile phones, but if they do a good idea when you get your timetable is to take a photo of it and set it as your lock screen, so when you don't know where to go you can easily just check your phone and go to that class. Alternatively, keep your timetable in a laminated sleeve so it doesn't get damaged and you can pull it out anytime.

  3. Only bring what you need in your bag rather than everything.

  4. Go to your classroom early to see if there's somebody there, and you can sit with them and talk to them for five minutes before the class and you've already got a friend.

  5. Aim to get a full breakfast in the morning, just to keep you energised until you go to your break time or lunchtime.

  6. If you are allowed your phone in school, you should put it on silent because I remember one time I forgot to. I was panicking throughout all class. I was like: it's gonna go off, it's gonna go off!

  7. I'd advise to bring your own lunch, so you're not waiting in the dinner line and wasting your own time.

  8. Definitely don't suffer in silence when you're in school or in class as the teachers are there to help you.

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