Number bonds

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In today's lesson, you will learn about number bonds.

This lesson includes:

  • a learning summary
  • two videos
  • three activities


Number bonds are a pair of numbers that add up to make another specific number. They are sometimes called number pairs.

They can show you how numbers join together and how they break down into different parts. 

Watch this short video from BBC Bitesize to find out more!

For example, the number bonds to 10 are pairs of numbers that can be added together to make 10.

0 + 10

1 + 9

2 + 8

3 + 7

4 + 6

5 + 5

Sing along with number bonds

Let Newsround's Martin Dougan explain number bonds with this fun song and movement routine.

Click here to download the lyric sheet so you can sing along with Martin!

Supermovers - Number bonds with Martin Dougan


Activity 1

Number bonds in space

Can you make number bonds of 10 and 20?

Activity 2

Worksheet: Number bonds to 10

Have a go at this worksheet from Numbots. You can print it out or write your answers on a piece of paper.

Number bonds to 10

Activity 3

Worksheet: Number bonds mental recall challenges

Have a go at this worksheet from Teachit.

Number bonds mental recall challenges

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