Marking fractions on a number line above 1

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Learn how to place a mixed number on a number line greater than one by counting in fractions.

This includes:

  • two videos
  • two worksheets

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In this lesson you will learn to think about fractions called mixed numbers, like 8 ½ or 6 ¾.

Often, we think of fractions as parts of a shape, but fractions are also numbers.

This lesson will help you understand how to find and place fractions on a number line.

In this video we will learn to place mixed numbers on a number line. We’ll compare 3 children’s ages and work out who is the oldest.

In this second video, you'll learn to recognise fractions placed in different places on a number line.


Activity 1

This worksheet will help you to practise finding and naming mixed numbers greater than 1 on a number line.

In question 1, do the same rules with mixed numbers apply to height? Yes! The height chart is just a vertical number line.

Think together

Activity 2

With this next activity, build your confidence in finding, naming and placing mixed numbers on a number line.

Fractions as numbers

Click here for the answer sheets to Activity 1 and Activity 2.

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