Returning to learning: three top tips

Returning to learning may be tough, but there are ways to prepare and make it easier. Here are our top tips.

Choose a course that suits you

Find a course that works with your schedule. If you’re busy, you could consider a course that’s part-time or online to give you more flexibility. Some courses also offer funding to help with your studies and others have childcare facilities if you need them.

Get your home ready

Try to get your home set up for studying. You may have work to do at home, so create your own space where you can study with a clear head and no distractions – even if it’s just a space at the kitchen table.

Get your life ready

We can’t put more hours in the day (if only!), so prioritise what needs to be done. Some things can wait. At the same time, make sure to set aside time for family and friends and don’t forget to make time for yourself – a hot bath or a brisk walk can work wonders!

You need to build a new routine but also be prepared to be flexible. You will learn as you go - keep steady, keep your eyes on the goal and you will get through!

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