How to become a global pop music playlist editor: Dominic's story

Meet Dominic and learn more about his life as a global pop music playlist editor at Deezer. Part of our Bitesize world of work series.

Your potential is always greater than you think.

  • Dominic works for the music streaming service Deezer, as the editor of the global pop music playlist. He makes playlists that are listened to all around the world, from the UK to France, Germany, Brazil and Guatemala. He identifies gaps and trends in the music and creates new lists to help artists and fans find each other
  • Growing up, he enjoyed making mix tapes, then worked in local radio in Nottingham before moving to London at 18 to work at the BBC on shows such as BBC Introducing. These experiences led him to Deezer, where he's returning to his roots by compiling playlists – the new form of mix tapes
  • Dominic thinks the music streaming industry is a great place for young people as it is a relatively new field that is still being shaped so there is opportunity to be at the heart of making it great.
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