How do I get a scholarship?

Going to uni is expensive... Understatement of the year!

But if you’re 100% certain that that’s what you want to do, there are options out there. We’ve asked our coaches to tell us how they managed to secure funding for their studies. And don’t forget we also have some expert advice on scholarships, bursaries and grants.

In this short film, our coaches explain how they accessed funding to go to university.

If you’re looking for funding:

  • There are websites where you can search hundreds of scholarships, bursaries and grants. They’re an excellent start, but check the websites of the individual unis as well. Some of them might not advertise their funding options elsewhere
  • Trusts, charities, and even some businesses offer scholarships. Sometimes they can also include work experience or an internship. Again, research is vital!
  • Applying for a scholarship is very similar to applying for a job: it can be very competitive, so make sure you build a strong, positive case to show you need and deserve the funding
  • In Scotland, SAAS has numerous types of funding that students can access, so speak to their financial officers so get all the information you need.
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