Five minutes with Yewande Biala

Fresh from her time on Love Island, Yewande Biala has lived and breathed romance all summer long.

We caught up with her to find out what she’s learnt about relationships and making them work.

Here are Yewande's top tips for a successful relationship:

  • "Before you have a romantic relationship with anyone, you have to get to know them as friends and talk to them. Build a friendship, then it’s easier to build a romantic relationship later on."

  • "It’s so important to understand your love language (there are five - look them up!) and the other person’s love language. I like to do things for people to show them that I care – things that show the person that I value, appreciate and love them."

  • "Now that I’m older and wiser, I’d say personality is most important, not looks – beauty fades and when that fades, what’s left? It’s so important to look for someone who makes you happy, and who’s kind and caring."

  • "One relationship myth I’ve come to realise isn’t true is that every relationship is perfect. They're not, because no one’s perfect, and that’s OK! An ideal relationship is an imperfect relationship."

  • "Relationships take time – you need to be really comfortable with the person you’re with before you can be vulnerable. It’s all about trust. Once you get to know them as a person, the relationship can blossom."

And one final word of wisdom from Yewande:

No one will accept you if you don’t accept yourself. Say to yourself: I’m beautiful, I’m amazing, I’m me.

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