How to keep positive

You will go on to achieve great things, but disappointment is a part of everyone’s life, so it’s important to accept that sometimes things might not go as planned.

If your results aren’t what you expected, or if you simply feel a bit down, our team of experts have just what you need: some awesome tips on keeping positive.

In this short film, our experts talk about keeping positive after a setback.

How to bounce back after a setback:

  • Whether you’re applying for jobs, trying to get into university or studying for your exams, it’s really important to understand you might have setbacks along the way
  • This doesn’t mean being negative about your prospects, just accepting that some things might not go as you hoped or planned
  • Keep thinking about your positive qualities and everything you’ve achieved so far. A setback does not define you
  • There’s no such thing as failure, it’s just feedback. Be like a hurdler: if they fall down, they pick themselves up and start again, learning from their mistakes
  • Whatever happens – don’t panic! There will be an option for you, even if it’s not the exact one you were working towards
  • Sometimes things happen for a reason. You will learn from setbacks and develop resilience
  • Resilience is an essential quality in life. Ask yourself what you could have done differently – maybe the answer is ‘nothing’, sometimes things just don’t happen the way you planned them
  • Keep things in perspective! It might feel like the end of the world now, but what will it feel like in a month’s or a year’s time?
  • We’ll always experience knockbacks in life but, due to its nature, education can bring those around more often than you’d like. Just remember: the most successful people are often those who have had setbacks
  • Speak to careers advisers and teachers, but also do your own research. Knowledge is power and it can help you pick yourself up
  • There’s a world of possibilities out there. You might end up taking a different path, but maybe it will turn out to be the best for you!
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