Six things NOT to say to a friend on results day

This article was last updated on 5 September 2019.

Results day is coming up, which means you’ll be talking. Loads.

So, with the help of the Mind Set coaches, we’ve picked six things not to say to someone waiting for their results – and we’ve included some advice from life coach Mark Anderson on why it’s best to avoid these ‘pearls of wisdom’!

1. "You'll be fine! Don't worry, results don't matter anyway"

If you’re committed to working hard, you will be fine. But results do matter. They matter to colleges, universities and to many employers. However, good results won’t guarantee success in life and there is more to you than your exam results.

Whatever your future plans are, it’s important that you continue to develop skills like communication, resilience and willingness to learn, regardless of what your results are. Work experience is really important too.

2. "If everyone in the country has done badly, then you'll be ok"

It is true that the difficulty of the paper is taken into account when the grade boundaries are set, but you don’t know the level of difficulty when you’re taking the exam and such comments won’t necessarily make things easier ahead of results day.

3. "Exams are getting easier every year"

Exam results may have improved nationally in recent years but that doesn’t guarantee that they will continue in the same way. All you can do is your best.

As for the grades, they are important because many universities and employers will require a certain number of subjects above a certain grade. Yes, they will also look for other qualities and skills, but grades are still vital.

4. "I didn't even revise!"

Very few young people can put minimal effort and still achieve their predicted grades. The rest of us mere mortals have to work hard and such a comment is the last thing we want to hear!

Be warned, lack of effort will catch up with you eventually.

5. "Didn't you see the extra exam question?"

This is everyone’s worst nightmare. You think you’ve completed the exam only to find out afterwards that you missed out a whole question. This is enough to ruin a summer holiday, so if you realise in post exam discussions that your mate didn’t answer a question, say nothing!

6. "My parents are buying me a car if I pass all my exams"

That’s great if that’s the case for you. However, bear in mind that not all parents have the finances or even the inclination to buy such a gift for their children regardless of how well they perform. It can come across as arrogant and can backfire if you don’t pass them all, so choose your words carefully.

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