How to prepare for an interview

You found a job or course you’d love, you applied for it and… Yes! You have an interview.

First of all, well done: not everyone gets to this stage. Now, it’s time to prep. We’ve asked our experts to share their interview success secrets.

In this short film, our experts give their top interview tips.

  • Practice makes perfect. Practise with your family, friends, even in front of a mirror
  • Research the company or university you’re applying for: questions about the organisation you want to join are likely to be part of the interview. You may have declared your passion for a certain subject or industry, so be prepared to demonstrate it
  • Have a good think about your own skills and experience, and how you will relate them to the job itself
  • It’s not all about academic qualifications. Employers are often looking for someone with the right attitude and a willingness to learn
  • Skills can be learnt, but real commitment is not so easy to come across, so show your enthusiasm
  • Employers are also interested in you as a person, so mention anything you do to show your all-around personal development, whether it’s hobbies, volunteering or sports
  • Preparation is key. Make sure you know where the interview is and how to get there. Find out who’s going to interview you and if there are any pre-interview tasks
  • Know your personal statement or application letter inside-out. Interviewers might ask you to back up any claims from your statement, so make sure you remember what you wrote
  • Be smart and look the part, but wear something that also makes you feel comfortable
  • Rehearse your route and make sure you get a good night’s sleep. You might be nervous but don’t skip your meals, and stay hydrated.
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