What is love?

You wanna know what love is?

You want us to show you?

Well, we can try!

Whether love is merely a chemical reaction, an evolutionary drive or a spiritual connection, we are surrounded by it in the media, on social feeds, in film and on TV. It’s not really surprising that we can become obsessed to the point of distraction about finding it! After all, that’s what Love Island is all about.

So if you’re about to embark on your first relationship, or maybe you’re not sure if you are catching feelings for your significant other, or even if you’re just curious about love - we can share the advice of other young love birds who’ve been there, felt that.

So how do you know when you’re truly in love?

Love is a highly personal feeling, and a difficult one to label, but our reality TV stars have given it a go. No strangers to the trials and tribulations of falling in love on-screen, they spill the beans on when they’ve been in love, and how it feels to them.

While, as Ryan says, it’s possible to be ‘in love with the idea of being in love’, there’s really no rush and you should never feel forced to define a feeling as love, until you are 100% ready to.

It seems the old advice was right, the only true piece of advice is - you know when you know.

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