Who was Mohandas Gandhi?

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Learn about the life, actions and achievements of Mohandas Gandhi.

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This is Mohandas Gandhi.

He is also known as Mahatma Gandhi, which means great soul.

He lived in India 100 years ago and fought against the British rule of his country. At the time, India was part of the British Empire.

Discover more about his life in the clip below.

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Mohandas Gandhi on a visit to London
Learn more about the life and actions of Mohandas Gandhi.

Key facts

  • From 1858, India was part of the British Empire, a group of countries ruled by Britain, which decided their laws.

  • Gandhi believed this was wrong. He thought India should be ruled by Indian people. Gandhi became famous for being the voice of freedom and fairness for the Indian people, who were mostly very poor.

  • He wanted to gain Indian independence through peace, not violence.

  • Gandhi won support from people around the world.

  • As the protests he led grew, the British decided they couldn't rule India anymore.

  • In 1947, the British Empire left India. But before going, they split it into two countries - India, where people mainly followed the Hindu religion, and Pakistan, where most people were Muslims. This was called 'Partition'.

  • Gandhi died for his beliefs. In January 1948, he was killed by someone who blamed him for India being divided.

  • We still remember him today for the power of his peaceful protests. As Gandhi said: "In a gentle way, you can shake the world!"

A photograph of Gandhi.


Develop your historical knowledge of Gandhi with the activities below.

Activity 1

Can you put the key events of Gandhi's life in the correct order?

Activity 2

Learn more about Gandhi's life with this presentation from Twinkl.


Activity 3 from Twinkl

Test your knowledge on Gandhi with this comprehension sheet from Twinkl

Reading comprehension about Gandhi

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