Introduction to Asia

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Learn about Shanghai - its culture, buildings and transport including an introduction to the country of China and the wider continent of Asia.

This lesson includes:

  • one animation about Shanghai - its culture, buildings and transport

  • one animation about the Great Wall of China

  • one animation about the Dead Sea

  • a list of key words to help describe places

  • three activities to build on the knowledge


Freya's Uncle Bob is on a train to Shanghai, the biggest city in China.

Watch this short animation to find out more.

Asia is the biggest continent in the world.

There are many countries in Asia.

One of those countries is China, which is where Shanghai is.

Shanghai is a really busy place.

Lots of the buildings in Shanghai are very tall skyscrapers.

A boy standing next to some skyscrapers in Shanghai

These are skyscrapers in Shanghai.

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The Great Wall of China was built over 2000 years ago!

Watch this Go Jetters Funky Facts animation to find out more.

The Dead Sea in southwestern Asia is as deep as the Eiffel Tower is tall!

Watch this Go Jetters Funky Facts animation to find out why it's called the Dead Sea and more.

World words

  • River - a flowing body of water.

  • Shop - a building where goods are sold.

  • Transport - how goods or people are moved from one place to another.


There are lots of fun things to do to help you remember what you've learnt about Asia.

Here are a few you could try.

Activity 1

Do you remember what we saw in Shanghai?

Drag the things that Freya and Mike saw in Shanghai onto the picture.

Activity 2

Play Pirate Bunnies: World Adventures

Are you ready for an adventure?

Hop on Captain Carrot’s ship and explore the UK and the rest of the world with the Pirate Bunnies!

You can earn treasure by completing quests.

Click to play the game

Activity 3

Where is China?

For this activity you will need a pencil and coloured pencils.

Download and print out the activity sheet and have a go at these mapping activities:

  • Colour and label China on the world map
  • Label the map of China using the word bank for support. Add colour to the map by creating your own key.

Download and use this information sheet to help you.

This resource if from Twinkl

Where is China? activity sheet

There's more to learn

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