Planning a holiday on a budget

Hands up if you’re in need of a holiday! Whether you need a break or some quality time with a loved one, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your break. After spending a year travelling, Mike came back to the UK and took advantage of the beautiful places we have right here in the UK. Now he is ready to pass on his knowledge to help Sammy and Roy do the same.

Things to consider:

1. When to travel

Try to organise your break outside of school holidays, bank holidays or special events. It will work out cheaper for travel and accommodation. A little online research should help you find out when these are in your local area or the place you’re looking to travel.

2. Where to go and what to do

We have so many great places right here in the UK – there are mountains, beaches, countryside, woodlands and cities to choose from. If you’re feeling outdoorsy, there are many activities to do such as walking, cycling, climbing and caving and you can find cheap or free activities wherever you choose to go.

3. Where to stay

Avoid hotels as they tend to be quite expensive. Youth hostels can be just as good and often offer private rooms as well as dorms. Another option for the outdoor types is to camp. You can get at one with nature and at most campsites there are shower, toilet and kitchen facilities.

4. How to get there

By staying in the UK, you are already saving money (and the planet) by not flying. Coaches are the cheapest option and using local buses can help, and help you really experience the local area. Trains are another option. See if you’re eligible for a railcard to get discount tickets. They are not just for students - there are discounts available for lots of ages.

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