Short division

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Learn how to do short division using written methods.

This includes:

  • two video
  • two interactive practise activities


Suki owns a clothes shop. Here she is to show us how short division can be used to solve a problem involving a shortage of caps!

Short division

If numbers are too difficult to divide in your head, you can use a written method instead.

Short division will sometimes give an answer with a remainder (r), which you can round up or round down.

Now watch this video from Oxford Owl, Oxford University Press for a closer look at how to do short division. Why not make some notes in a workbook to help you remember?


Activity 1

Play this fun activity from Twinkl. If you don't have a printer you can always make your own fish!

Gone fishing

Activity 2

Have a go at this interactive lesson in short division from My Maths, Oxford University Press.

My Maths - Short division

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