4 key skills for success at work

Want to stand out from the crowd at work? From communication skills to managing yourself, these top tips for the workplace will get you prepared.

Top tips to take away


  • Whether you’re speaking to a colleague or a customer, how you say something can be just as important as what you say at work
  • Most people don’t speak the same way to their bank manager as to their best mate. The same rule applies at work – adapt the words you use depending on who you’re talking to and the situation
  • Show you’re really listening. Make sure there are no distractions when someone has something to say – you don’t want to miss anything important
  • Listening can help you build positive working relationships

Working in a team

  • Get collaborating! It’s important to know your own skills, but remember that everyone’s different and will have different ways of approaching things. Great things can come from this diversity
  • Make sure everybody gets the opportunity to voice their opinion and give their perspective. As brilliant as you are, there may be something you haven’t thought about

Managing yourself

  • There are lots of different organisational tools out there – from coloured pens and sticky notes to software, including spreadsheets. Find the ones that work for you
  • Identifying your strengths is just as important as knowing your weaknesses
  • Everyone has weaknesses at work – even you! They’re just areas to develop and nothing to be ashamed of
  • Knowing your strengths and weaknesses comes with time and experience
  • Hobbies and activities outside of work can be great fun AND they can help develop great transferable skills that can be used at work, like perseverance or team work

Staying positive

  • Don’t kick yourself when you’re down! It’s not nice to feel you’ve made a mistake, but you can learn from it and do better next time
  • Trying new things can be scary, but don’t give up – you'll find the way that works for you
  • As long as you’re passionate about something and work hard, the world is yours to take.
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