Self-doubt held me back for years - now I help others shine

“Self-doubt was a really big thing for me.”

Lisa left school at 16 after having a baby, but decided to go back to university to study for a degree at 40. Find out how she went from self-doubt to being a proud master’s graduate and an inspiration to others.

Lisa left school at 16 and had a baby shortly after. She felt she had lost her identity, until she met a tutor at the school gate twenty years later, who invited her to a community education course.

She completed a Level 1 in Returning to Work and Social Care and a Level 2 in Helping in Schools. After that, someone suggested she did a degree, but she felt that wasn’t an option for her.

She overcame this self-doubt with the encouragement of others to complete a degree in social and political studies and then got her masters degree at 40.

Lisa now works as a recruitment outreach officer, supporting adult students returning to education. She is helping others break down their own barriers to education and has found new confidence in herself.

“I did my degree at the age of 40, then graduated with a master's last year, which I never thought possible.”
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