Professional football: Top tips from England's Women's World Cup team

Ranked third in the world, the Lionesses aren’t taking anything for granted and are aware of the importance of putting in the hard graft ahead of the big games.

In a BBC Bitesize interview, we caught up with the Lionesses at their training ground, before they flew to Paris. Here are their top tips for succeeding in professional football.

There are going to be ups and downs, but stick with it, and make sure you come back stronger.

Nikita Parris, England forward

So, there you have it. Hard work is the order of the day – there are no shortcuts. As England defender Lucy Bronze puts it, talent will only take you so far. You have to work hard to stand out from the crowd.

And, as Steph Houghton, captain of the Lionesses and England defender says, it's crucial to practise regularly and learn from your coaches' experience.

Listen to your coaches – they are the ones that have been there and done that... then apply it to your game.

Steph Houghton, England captain
Nikita Parris, forward

England forward, Nikita Parris, has a more 'live in the moment' approach and advises to enjoy every minute of it. After all, as England midfielder Karen Carney points out, you do your best when you're enjoying what you do.

If you're having fun, it's not a chore and you can play your best football.

Karen Carney, England midfielder

Karen Carney, midfielder

Remember that success doesn't come easily. Nikita Parris warns that there will be ups and downs but everyone goes through them, so it's important to remember you are not alone. The key is to come back from the difficult times and keep fighting.

Five top tips from the Lionesses

This advice will help whatever you want to do - in sports, in other careers or in any aspect of your life.

  1. Work hard

  2. Remember you're doing something you love, so enjoy it! It will make it seem less like hard work

  3. Listen to your mentors. They have seen it all before and are there to support you

  4. There will be ups and downs – just keep coming back up fighting

  5. Never give up!

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