Can I afford to study?

Whether it’s course fees or the cost of living, paying for your studies can be a concern, but don’t worry – there’s funding out there that could support you as you learn.

A little research into what’s available could help make studying a whole lot more affordable and enjoyable. Here are some tips to get you started.

Government loans and grants

You may be able to apply for government loans, grants and other funds to cover tuition fees and living costs. Some of these will be repayable (not all!) and you may have to pay interest. Keep in mind that England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales all do things a bit differently when it comes to loans and grants – so check with your national funding body and advice services to get the low-down.

Scholarships and grants

Depending on your qualification or course, you may be able to get a grant, bursary or scholarship. These are not repayable and are often available for courses or training in industries where demand is high for jobs. Check out the official body that oversees the profession for help and speak to advisors at your National Careers Service if in doubt.

Benefits and hardship funds

There could be money to cover living costs, learning resources and childcare – it all depends on your personal circumstances. These funds are available from many places, from the government, to charities, to your place of study.

So remember – there is support out there! Take the time to do your research: go online, talk to your course provider, the national funding body or a student group for help and advice, and see what funding is available to you.

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