Using phonics skills for writing

Home learning focus

To refresh your phonics knowledge and use it when writing sentences about a new book.

This lesson includes:

  • a game to help refresh your phonics skills

  • three activities to do at home


Play the Blending Sounds mini game on Small Town Superheroes. Use the yellow arrows to navigate to the Sally and Percy section to find the Blending Sounds game.

If you can, open the game in a new tab. You can do this by right clicking on the window and selecting open link in new tab.

Click to play the game

Once you've completed the mini game, try the activities below.


You may need paper and a pen or pencil for some of these activities.

Activity 1: Sorting and labelling

Sally and Percy helped to sort objects into boxes with labels.

On a piece of paper, write the following graphemes. Remember, a grapheme is a letter, or group of letters that represent a sound.

  • ee
  • ie
  • ea
  • ir
  • aw

Using the above graphemes as labels, see how many items you can find around your home that contain each grapheme. Try and find one item per grapheme.

Activity 2: Let's write some sentences

Watch this short video that introduces you to the story Nelly the Monster Sitter by Kes Gray.

Actress Sarah Hadland reads Nelly the Monster Sitter.

What did you think of the story?

Write a sentence explaining what the story was about. You can use the sentence starter below.

Try and use some words that contain the following graphemes: ee, ie and ea.

  • The story was about _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Activity 3: Let's share our opinion

What did you think about Nelly the Monster Sitter?

Using the following sentence starters, write your opinion of the story. Try and include lots off detail about what happened and what you thought of it.

  • My favourite part was _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • I thought the book was funny because _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Once you're finished, circle all the times you've used the graphemes: ee, ie, ea, ir and aw.

Where next?

In this lesson you have developed your knowledge of graphemes and used them to share your opinion about Nelly the Monster Sitter.

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