How to become an online entrepreneur: Poppy's story

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I founded my own beauty retail business Yuuka House LTD, selling high-quality Korean and Japanese skincare online. I have a network of wholesalers and buyers, so I’m never working entirely alone. Collaboration is so important. I have also launched an online networking and development space called MEYVNN for female entrepreneurs.

I never really thought I could be an entrepreneur. It never occurred to me as an option when I was younger. I tried being employed and it didn’t suit me, but now I have a more flexible life that I personally find better for my mental health.

I passed my IGCSEs (international GCSEs) and while living in Switzerland I took the IB (International Baccalaureate) equivalent to A-levels. I chose Art, History and English as options because I was good at these subjects. I did the compulsory Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Art. I went on to do Psychology at university, but the structure of higher education wasn’t great for me. I felt panicked and couldn’t concentrate. I had a rebellious period, and if I had known about an alternative route, I would have taken it.

I now use maths every day for my business, dealing with orders and my taxes. Having an understanding of biology and chemistry has also been really useful for skincare. I need to know how certain ingredients interact with skin.

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Take your time. Be patient with yourself. Work out what you really want.

Learning how to prioritise my workload every day has been a steep learning curve! I need really strong communication skills, or I couldn’t have developed my personal brand and I wouldn't be able to sell it. Between taking care of social media, making content and scheduling it for the week ahead, writing blog posts and updating the website - I don’t have a day off! I love what I do.

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Poppy's career path

Poppy's career path

What to expect if you want to be a online entrepreneur

  • Salary: Variable
  • Working hours: Variable, self-employed
  • Entry requirements: There are no formal requirements but you need good business knowledge which may be gained through experience or study

This information is a guide (sources: LMI for All, National Careers Service)

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