How to become an online entrepreneur: Poppy's story

I founded my own beauty retail business Yuuka House LTD, selling high-quality Korean and Japanese skincare online. I have a network of wholesalers and buyers, so I’m never working entirely alone. Collaboration is so important. I have also launched an online networking and development space called MEYVNN for female entrepreneurs.

I never really thought I could be an entrepreneur. It never occurred to me as an option when I was younger. I tried being employed and it didn’t suit me, but now I have a more flexible life that I personally find better for my mental health.

I passed my IGCSEs (international GCSEs) and while living in Switzerland I took the IB (International Baccalaureate) equivalent to A-levels. I chose Art, History and English as options because I was good at these subjects. I did the compulsory Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Art. I went on to do Psychology at university, but the structure of higher education wasn’t great for me. I felt panicked and couldn’t concentrate. I had a rebellious period, and if I had known about an alternative route, I would have taken it.

I now use maths every day for my business, dealing with orders and my taxes. Having an understanding of biology and chemistry has also been really useful for skincare. I need to know how certain ingredients interact with skin.

Take your time. Be patient with yourself. Work out what you really want.

Learning how to prioritise my workload every day has been a steep learning curve! I need really strong communication skills, or I couldn’t have developed my personal brand and I wouldn't be able to sell it. Between taking care of social media, making content and scheduling it for the week ahead, writing blog posts and updating the website - I don’t have a day off! I love what I do.

Poppy's career path

What to expect if you want to be a online entrepreneur

  • Online entrepreneur salary: Variable
  • Online entrepreneur working hours: Variable, self-employed

What qualifications do you need to be a online entrepreneur?

  • Entry requirements: There are no formal requirements but you need good business knowledge which may be gained through experience or study

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