5 things I wish I'd known before moving out

Moving out for the first time can be exhilarating and terrifying in equal measures. It might take you a while to get used to it and feel like you’re really thriving – and that’s ok! It’s all part of the process of learning to become an adult.

Amy has lived independently for four years now and is a veteran when it comes to making it work. Pen and paper ready? Here are her top five tips:

Let’s recap on those words of wisdom:

1. Get extra-curricular

  • Do something that you enjoy. The most important thing here is to have fun! Whether that’s learning to play the banjo or mastering Mandarin, try something new and challenge yourself.

2. Prepare for employment

  • You will probably need a bit of extra cash to fund activities, pay your bills and treat yourself every now and then, so make sure you have a killer CV sorted before term begins.

  • Don’t undersell yourself! Think about the skills you developed in your last job or at school/college rather than just listing what tasks you did.

3. Be organised

  • Make sure you have all the documents, identification and numbers that you need.

  • Take control. Embrace stationery and keep everything together in a labelled, colour-coordinated, indexed folder. You know you’ll feel better once you crack out those plastic wallets!

  • Top tip: Set up direct debits

    • Missing bills or payments could affect your credit rating, so avoid this pitfall by setting up direct debits.

    • When you set up a direct debit, also set a reminder on your phone to cancel it when the payments are no longer needed. This is a smart way to avoid over-paying for something you aren’t using anymore!

4. Stay in touch

  • It’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of moving out for the first time, but it’s so important to keep in contact with friends and family. Be there for them, and they’ll be there for you when you need them most.

5. Take time for yourself

  • You’ll be FOMO-central when you first move out and while it’s great to get out and get involved, you also need to take time to check in with yourself and recharge. If you’re in danger of burning out, take a bath, have a good chinwag with someone you trust and get an early night. Your health and happiness is paramount.

For Amy:

Moving out wasn't a complete walk in the park.

But if you follow her advice your big move will be a stroll through the flowers on a summer's afternoon!

Adios! Au revoir! Goodbye and good luck!

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