What are A-levels like? Ups, downs and resits

Are you thinking of taking A-levels?

The jump from GCSE to A-level can feel like a big leap leap, and for many it feels bigger than moving from A-level to a degree. So why is that? We asked our coaches what it was like for them – woes included!

In this short film our coaches talk about their experience of taking A-levels.

What is it like to take?

  • You will study fewer subjects than you did at GCSE but, as A-levels are advanced qualifications, your will need to develop a much deeper understanding and knowledge of these subjects
  • Because you’re picking fewer subjects, A-levels are a good opportunity to start specialising and thinking about potential future careers
  • At A-level, you have a lot less input from teachers and are expected to do more independent study
  • However, you normally go to more lessons, so you can have more time with your teachers to ask questions and work on projects
  • While A-levels are a great entry ticket to university, there are some subjects that certain unis won’t accept, and some they will prefer – so do your research!
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