Sharing equally

Learning focus

Learn how to share equally in twos, fives and tens.

This lesson includes:

  • a catch-up quiz
  • one video
  • two activities


To get started, let's see how well you know this topic already. Take the catch-up quiz below to find out.


Start this lesson with a video explaining how to share equally rather than unequally. It goes on to show some examples of sharing numbers in twos, fives and tens.

There are moments to pause the video and answer the questions in your own time.

The idea of sharing is used to lay the foundations for division.

When a quantity is shared equally between people, you are calculating how much each person gets and how big each share is.

Remember that sharing equally means each person will have the same amount of items distributed between them, whereas sharing unequally means people will have different amounts.

Top tip

Knowing one sharing fact will help you work out another one.


Activity 1

Have a go at the downloadable worksheet and show your understanding of sharing equally.

Sharing equally

Click here for the answer sheet

Activity 2

Finish this lesson with another printable worksheet.


Click here for the answer sheet


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Game - Karate Cats Maths

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