How to tell someone you fancy them

Telling someone that you fancy them can be super awkward. Many of us shy away from telling someone we're into them because we’re not sure how to go about it. Plus, telling someone the way you feel opens you up to the risk that they might not feel the same way. Putting your true feelings out there takes courage… but think of it this way, what have you actually got to lose?

Relationship expert and Life Coach Anna Williamson says:

There are few things in life more awkward than working out how to tell someone that you fancy them. But the best thing to do if you want to tell someone you like them is to physically show them.

Anna’s top tips for showing your feelings

1. Use your body language

You don’t have to use words to show someone you like them. Making lots of eye contact and smiling when you talk to them will give them a good idea that you’re into them.

2. Find your common ground

Work out if there are things you have in common. Having shared interests to talk about might bring you naturally closer together.

3. Be their friend

Suggest doing something together, like going to watch a film as friends, then see where things go from there.

4. Give them a compliment

Giving someone a compliment is a really good way of subtly telling someone that you like them. So start by saying how good they’re looking or that you find the things they’re telling you interesting.

Just go for it

If they’re not picking up on your subtle signals, you might need to just go for it and tell them how you feel. Sometimes it’s best to be upfront, honest and find out exactly where you stand.

Like ex Love-Islander Niall Aslam says:

If you’ve just met someone you like, say on a night out, I think the best thing to do is literally lay your cards on the line and tell them. If they say they’re not into the idea, at least you’ve got the answer and can move on.

Use your tools

If being subtle isn’t working and you just can’t bring yourself to tell them how you feel face to face, use social media. We’re living in an age where we have social media in the palm of our hands – quite literally – so use it to your advantage to tell someone how you feel, without the risk of blushing.

Ex Love-Islander Rosie Williams agrees:

If you want to tell someone you like them but you’re not confident enough to ask them face to face to go out with you, use social media to your advantage. Slide into people’s DMs. You don’t have to be so obvious so soon by telling them you like them to their face.

It’s OK to tell someone you like them, but be prepared for the fact that they might not like you back. Not everyone is going to feel the same way. It can be tough, but once you know how they feel, you can get on with your life – and perhaps work on just being friends... And who knows who else might be waiting around the corner?

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