Draw and measure accurately

Learning focus

Learn how to draw lines and shapes accurately using a ruler.

This lesson includes:


Test your knowledge of drawing and measuring accurately in this quiz.


The aim of this video is to show you how to measure and to draw accurately.

Throughout the video, there are a number of questions for you to answer.

You could pause the video to allow yourself time to answer.


Activity 1

In this worksheet, there are three questions to complete which involve measuring and drawing accurately.

You could print out the worksheet or write the answers down separately.

Work out the measurements of the lines

Click here for the answer sheet

Activity 2

Answer the five questions in this interactive game and practise the skills you have learned to measure accurately.

Can you work out the measurements?


Play Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica to learn more and sharpen your skills on this topic.

Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica

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