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Welcome to the Parents' Toolkit

Mental health advice for parents and children this summer, including tips on wellbeing and managing anxiety as the world starts to open up again.

How to make up for lost time, overcome worries & reconnect as a family
How to tackle anxiety with Dr Anna Colton
Six ways to manage loneliness as a parent
How to help your child avoid anxiety as restrictions ease
How can I build my child's confidence and resilience? - The Super Tutors
Four steps to chatting with your child about their mental health
How to manage your child’s online world without clashing
Eating disorders: the warning signs and what to do about them.
Six self-care tips for parents
How to help your child deal with obsessive compulsive behaviours
Making a mental health support network to help you & your child
How can I talk to my kids about their emotions? - The Super Tutors
Five ways to build your child’s resilience
Five multisensory activities you can do with your child at home

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