Measuring mass in grams

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In this lesson, you will learn how to measure the mass of different objects in grams.

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In this lesson we will be learning how to measure the mass of different objects.

When we want to find the mass of small, everyday objects, we measure in grams. Grams is shortened to ‘g’.

Using grams

Here are some objects that you might be able to find around your kitchen. They are small objects and can be measured in grams.

Let's look at how much they weigh:

  • An egg weighs 60 grams or 60 g.
  • An orange weighs 250 grams or 250 g.
  • A bottle of milk weighs 800 grams or 800 g.

How do we measure the mass of objects?

A common way of measuring the mass of objects is to use balance scales.

A balance scale works by placing the object you want to weigh on one side and adding gram masses to the other side until the scales are level.

Masses for weighing usually come as 1 g, 5 g, 10 g, 20 g or more!

There are other types of scales you can use to measure mass.

You can also use a set of scales showing the mass on a dial with a pointer or digital scales showing the mass as a number.

Now let's have a look at some questions involving measuring in grams.

Example 1:

A carrot weighs 50 g. A banana weighs 150 g. How much heavier is the banana?

150 - 50 = 100

The banana is 100 g heavier than the carrot, because 150 is 100 more than 50.

How many carrots weigh the same as the banana?

150 = 50 + 50 + 50

So the banana is the same weight as 3 carrots.

Example 2:

A tin weighs 200 g.

A tin and an apple together weigh 360 g.

How heavy is the apple?

The apple is 360 – 200 = 160 g.

Always make sure scales are set to zero before weighing!


Activity 1

Measuring mass in grams worksheet

This worksheet from Twinkl has some questions to help you practise measuring mass in grams. See if you can answer them all.

Measuring mass in grams worksheet

Finished? Check here for the answers sheet

Activity 2

Measuring mass in grams worksheet 2

This next worksheet from Pearson has some more questions to help you practise measuring mass in grams. See if you can answer them all.

Think together

Check here for the answer sheet

Activity 3

Karate cats

Play the measurements level of Karate Cats Maths - can you collect a cool new costume for your cats?

Game - Karate Cats Maths

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