Homeschooling Hacks with Romesh Ranganathan: Juggling roles as a parent

Parent, teacher, caretaker, partner, friend, supplier of snacks - you might feel like you've got a lot of roles at home right now, especially if you're working at the same time.

Comedian and dad Romesh Ranganathan teams up with other parents to offer some advice on how you can juggle your roles as a parent at home.

Tips for juggling your roles as a parent at home

  • Let yourself off of the hook every now and then. Don't feel guilty if you need to take a break when things aren't going exactly to plan.
  • Find pockets of time for yourself. Perhaps when your children have their heads down with some work - just five or ten minutes is all it takes.
  • Rethink your expectations for the day. You might come into the day with an idea of how you want things to play out, but how often does it actually pan out that way? Don't give yourself a hard time when things inevitably change - just remember the best thing you can do is stay adaptable!
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