University: taking the unconventional route

You don't have to follow the traditional 'GCSE – A-level – university' route to be successful these days. What's right for one person, might be completely wrong for another – and we all have to forge our own path through life.

But, even if you've taken a more unconventional route through your education, university can be an option for you and could be the stepping stone you need to get you where you want to be.

We've gathered together some inspirational stories from people who have overcome the odds or taken a more unconventional route to university, to show you how it can be done.

Against all odds: how going to university changed my life
Corinne: photographer
Bliss: public relations account assistant
Megan: drama facilitator
What is a degree apprenticeship and is it right for me?
Dominique: chef and food vlogger
Josh: community cohesion officer
Laura: 999 call taker
When life gets in the way
Ed: owner of a specialist truck advertising business
Taylor: freelance filmmaker
Annaleigh: education coordinator