What to do when you don’t get your first choice of school

This article was first published in April 2020

It can be disappointing when your child doesn’t get a place at your first choice of primary school. Parent and social media blogger Nilly Dahlia has been there, and she has some tips on what to do if it happens to you.

Nilly’s tips

  • If you don’t get the primary school place you wanted, don’t panic - stay positive for your child.

  • Accept the place you’ve been offered, even if you don’t want your child to attend that school.

  • Research your options and take another look at the school you’ve been offered a place at. Have you got up-to-date information about how it’s performing and whether other families are happy there?

  • If you still want to appeal your school place, manage your own expectations. Appeals often don’t succeed, and you’d need to show that a mistake was made or that the admissions policy is unlawful.

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