The BBC Bitesize 14 day sort-your-life-out challenge

Living your best life might seem kind of hard right now.

But could staying at home give you the perfect opportunity to sort your life out in just two weeks?

We've created 14 tasks that will make you feel great. Some will take three minutes, some two hours. You only need to complete one every day for the next fortnight. Can you tick them all off?

Go on, you know you want to...

Monday: Sort through your clothes (1 hr)

Clear out your wardrobe and drawers. Hang up or put away anything you want to keep. Get a charity shop pile going for the rest.

Tuesday: Clean up your phone (1 hr)

Sort through your contacts, clear up your camera roll and reply to any old messages. Clean up your social media too.

Wednesday: Call your relatives (30 mins)

Check in with your grandparents to see how they’re doing. WARNING: if video calling be prepared to see up their nostrils.

Thursday: Deep clean your bedroom (2 hrs)

Clean under your bed. Hoover everywhere. Dust all the surfaces and skirting boards down. Change your duvet. Move some furniture around if you want.

Friday: Sort out your schoolwork (2 hrs)

File all your notes. Recycle what you don’t need. Tidy your books, folders and certificates. Archive sentimental things.

Saturday: Make a start on your CV (1 hr)

Head to Bitesize for advice and get your contact details and personal profile down. It’s cool if it’s short and sweet right now - you can add to it later.

Sunday: Create a dream board (1 hr)

Create a list or a collage of all the things you want to achieve in the next two to five years. Writing it down or making an image can help with motivation.

Monday: Sort through your emails/user desktop (30 mins)

Clear your inbox, file your emails, sort your notifications and tidy up your user space. Clean that screen!

Tuesday: Sort your school kit (30 mins)

Wash your uniform and gym kit. Polish your shoes and clean your footy boots. Shake out your gym bag and rucksack.

Wednesday: Self care (2 hrs)

Book out the bathroom. Scrub your feet, chop your toenails (gross), clean your ears, floss your teeth, exfoliate and moisturise.

Thursday: Drink some water (3 mins)

Not juice, or milk, or tea, or coffee, or a can of something fizzy. Just drink one big pint of tap water. (Top tip: don't do this just before bed).

Friday: Sort out your electrics (30 mins)

Go through your old phones and chargers, untangle your wires and clear out your games. Dust your TV. Wipe down your tablet.

Saturday: Pick up a book (2 hrs)

It can be any book or magazine you like, just chill and enjoy it. Eat a really nice snack while you’re reading it too.

Sunday: Do something for your parents or guardians (30 mins)

Help them out with something and tell them you appreciate them. Soppy, but so nice.

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