How to love living independently

Moving out of your childhood home can seem really scary at first, especially if you relied heavily on the support that you were given there. So, if you’ve grown used to having your own personal chef, cleaner and chauffeur, listen up for some words of wisdom and encouragement.

Let’s recap on Nicole’s tips and tricks for flying the nest successfully:

Learn to cook

  • You will burn food. You will set the fire alarm off. Mistakes will happen... but be kind to yourself and you’ll learn from them! With time you’ll develop a repertoire of meals that you can cook successfully – we believe in you!

  • Online recipes and step-by-step guides are a great way to learn to cook. Go to BBC Food for lots of delicious inspiration.

Keep in touch with your family

  • Homesickness is real, so organise set times in the week to call home. Your parents or guardians will want to know that you’re doing ok too, so keep them in the loop – especially in the first few months.

Make friends

  • Talk to as many people as possible, get involved with things and get used to introducing yourself. Having friends who are in the same boat as you will help to make moving out easier and boost your confidence. You can share tips, tricks and horror stories. Go on – just say hi!

There’s no denying that moving out is scary at first, but with time you’ll start to enjoy the independence and freedom that it brings. As Nicole says:

It’s completely normal to feel nervous at first, but don’t forget that everyone’s in the same boat – you’re going to be fine!

(And you can always take your laundry home if you're not!)

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