Results day: Hopes, dreams and horror stories

Cue scary music... Results day is here!

All your hard work concentrated in an envelope, or maybe an email or text. If you got the grades you needed, what are you waiting for? Go celebrate!

But if it could have gone better and you’re feeling a bit down, this short film with our amazing coaches might cheer you up – even just a little bit.

In this short film, our coaches talk about their results day nightmares

If you didn’t get the grades you expected…

  • Don’t panic. Whatever’s happened, there are options out there
  • It probably feels like the end of the world. Accept that you feel disappointed, but don’t wallow. Be ready to react and move on

Listen to Lots Holloway explain how to keep positive around results day

More advice on keeping motivated and confident

  • Talk to your teachers. Don’t worry – they won’t think you’re a burden or that you’re overreacting. They’ve seen it all and are in the best position to help you move in the right direction
  • Around the time of your results, it might help you have something to look forward to. Whether it’s going to the cinema, going on a day trip or just catching up with a friend, having something in the diary could help you shift your focus from school.
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