Mental health S.O.S

Mimi Missfit is on a mission – to help get young people talking about the things that are most important to them.

Last year, Mimi, along with special guests Jack Fowler, Amy Hart and Joe Weller, took a group of teens to Scotland on a week–long digital detox to see if it would help them open up to each other. Here, Max talks to Mimi and Kemi about mental health.

I feel like everyone who wants to give mental health advice is going to say to talk, but I feel like everyone already knows to do that, so what I'm going to say is to go easy on yourself.


Some of the stories that I heard in Scotland from the teens about their mental health are definitely stories that I'm gonna remember forever.


Bear in mind the relationships you have around you and spend more time doing those things that just make you happy.


Where to find help

You should always tell someone about the things you’re worried about. You can tell a friend, parent, guardian, teacher or other trusted adult. If you'd like to speak to someone outside of your immediate circle, here are some places to find help:

  • If you need urgent help, you can contact Shout who run a Crisis Text Line. It's available 24 hours a day for anyone in the UK. Text CONNECT to 85258
  • You can contact Childline to speak to a counsellor online or over the phone.

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